Are You Spying on Me? Large‑Scale Analysis on IoT Data Exposure through Companion Apps
Yuhong Nan, Xueqiang Wang, Luyi Xing, Xiaojing Liao, Ruoyu Wu, Jianliang Wu, Yifan Zhang, and XiaoFeng Wang. In Proceedings of the 32nd USENIX Security Symposium (Security), 2023 [BibTex][PDF]

Formal Model-Driven Discovery of Bluetooth Protocol Design Vulnerabilities
Jianliang Wu, Ruoyu Wu, Dongyan Xu, Dave (Jing) Tian, and Antonio Bianchi. In Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2022 [BibTex][PDF][Teaser Talk][Full Talk][Code][Attack Demo]

ProFactory: Improving IoT Security via Formalized Protocol Customization
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LIGHTBLUE: Automatic Profile-Aware Debloating of Bluetooth Stacks
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BLESA: Spoofing Attacks against Reconnections in Bluetooth Low Energy
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Best Paper Award             CSAW’20 Applied Research Competition Finalist
Media Coverage: [ZDNet] [Security Boulevard] [Threatpost] [AppleInsider] [ITSecurityWire] [Digital Information World] [Bitdefender] [Dazeinfo] [Tom’s Guide] [] and many more.

BlueShield: Detecting Spoofing Attacks in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Networks
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All your sessions are belong to us: Investigating authenticator leakage through backup channels on android
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Best Paper Award

PaddyFrog: systematically detecting confused deputy vulnerability in Android applications
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Automatically Detecting Ssl Error-Handling Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Mobile Web Apps
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TrustFound: Towards a Formal Foundation for Model Checking Trusted Computing Platforms
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